Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a website?

Compare our plans here. Determine which one is the best for you and contact us by email to request a website order form.

Do your plans include domain name and web hosting?

Yes, our plans include one (1) Domain Name and web hosting for one year.

What payment method do you accept?

We accept Paypal; all other payments with credit cards are processed through PayPal.

Can I cancel or delete my website at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel or delete your website at any time.

Do you meet clients in person?

We are based in Los Angles and would be happy to meet in person if requested. Otherwise, all our communications and services are ordered online or by email.

Will my website be easy to view in all devices?

Yes, our websites are responsive in most devices (PC, smart phones, tablets, etc.) screen size, platform and orientation.

What does Fredlink needs from me to create a website?

A – First compare our plans by visiting our web plans page. Determine which one is the best for you.

B – Contact us to request a free “proposal website”.

C – Soon after we will send you a form, you will need to submit back to us with the basic information about you, your shop, your group, organization, business, etc., so we can create a sample website.

D – If you like the proposed sample website, you (the client) will make a deposit of $100 to start the project.

E – You (the client) are responsible for supplying us (Fredlink) the information (all media, text, and pictures) you need on the site, then will build the website with that content.

F – During the website construction (about 30 days) you will have four (4) opportunities to make revisions* or modifications to the website.–

G – After completion and your acceptance of the website you will need to pay the remainder amount of your plan.

H – We (Fredlink) will upload your website to the internet.

* IMPORTANT – All requests for changes or revisions to the website (website) must be in writing (e-mail), including the final approval of your website.

If I have a domain already, Can I transfer it to Fredlink?

Yes, there is no charge to transfer your domain name to Fredlink. You will also continue to be the owner of that domain name.

How many images, videos or text can I have on my website?

1 – The website of $365 per year (PRESENCE 1) includes up to four (4) pages and up to four (4) images including videos per page.
2 – The website of $599 per year (PRESENCE 2) includes up to ten (10) pages and up to four (4) images including videos per page.
3 – The website of $799 per year (PRESENCE PRO) includes fifteen (15) pages and up to four (4) images including videos per page.

NOTE: After the website is finished and already online, you can always add pages, images or media (video or music), e-commerce on request at any time, these aggregations are subject to “update” charges.

Does Fredlink provides images or videos?

Usually images are supplied by our clients. If needed, we can supply our customers with some royalty free images only during the website construction at no charge.

When Fredlink will start working on my website?

As soon as we receive your website order and first payment of $100 your project should be started.

When can I see my ||under construction|| website?

After we receive your payment, it will take about 2-6 business days to start building an initial or “under construction” website which by request you can view online (Internet) and make the changes or revisions.

How long will it take to complete my website?

It depends on the plan you choose and the day you made the first payment, for example the $ 365 per year plan will take approximately 30 days to complete.
NOTE – During the construction time of the website you will have up to four (4) opportunities to request changes or modifications (revisions) to the website.
IMPORTANT – All requests for changes or revisions to the website (website) must be in writing (e-mail), including the final approval of your website.

What is a website revision?

Revisions are changes or modifications made to a website requested by the client during development time (constriction) of the site. NOTE – After completion and the client acceptance of the website or if the website is already online; any changes or revisions to the site will be considered as an update.

What is a website update?

An update is any change or revision made after the website has been finalized and approved by the client and is already online (live). NOTE: Our plan, “PRESENCE 2” include up to two (2) free updates each month. (Check Rates Plan)

How much is an update?

A website update is $ 20 dollars each. An update may include up to one thousand (1000) words, up to four (4) images (including video), such updates to a website can be requested at any time of the month.

How long it will take for my website to appear in search engine?

From two (2) to three (3) months after going live.

If I am not satisfied with the website, can I ask for a refund?

All our plans come with a thirty (30) days full refund guarantee if canceled within the 30 days from your order. If you would like to cancel after the 30-day trial period you may but fees may apply.

Can I change my website plan?

Yes, You may upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Please note that if you downgrade, changes and features only available with upgraded plans may not be transferred and or may be deleted.

If downgraded, we will not return the difference. If upgraded you will owe the difference.

Will I have any support from you after my website goes live online?

Yes, you will have email and telephone support from us during business hours. Our business hours are Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm, California (Pacific Standard Time).

If I am in a different country can Fredlink design my website?

Yes, all our plans and services including international orders can be ordered and paid through PayPal.

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